1. Selection and implementation of right non-destructive testing methods and techniques for the application.
  2. Selection of suitable equipment for specific inspection.
  3. Preparation of Advanced NDT procedures such as Phased Array Testing (PAUT), Time of Flight Diffraction (TOFD), LRUT (Long Range UT), Tube Inspection (IRIS, ECT, RFT, NFT, NFA, MFL), ACFM, Immersion Ultrasonic Testing and MFL Floor Mapping.
  4. Preparation of Conventional NDT procedures such as Radiography Testing (RT), Ultrasonic testing (UT), Magnetic Particle Testing (MPT), Liquid Penetrant Testing (PT), Positive Material Identification (PMI) and Hardness Testing (HT), Ferrite Testing, Eddy Current Testing (ECT), Visual Inspection, Remote Visual Inspection (Borescope), Holiday Testing and Leak Testing (Vacuum Box Testing).
  5. Preparation of procedures based on International, National codes or Standards and specifications to meet customer requirements.
  6. Preparation of Test report formats, NDE technique sheets and Work Instruction.
  7. Preparation of written practices as per ASNT recommended practice SNT-TC-1A and ISO 9712.
  8. Review of procedures based on International, National, or in-house Standards & Specifications.
  9. Training and certification of personnel as per employer’s written practice.
  10. Selecting right candidates for recruitment as Trainees, NDT Inspectors to fill job vacancies in NDT, material testing, welding inspection and other quality control related posts.
  11. Calibration and maintenance of equipment’s and assist to prepare calibration and reference blocks.
  12. Conduct Procedure / Specification Brief training, Process verification audits and cross checks.
  13. Attend Client audits, process verification checks, and technical discussions with clients, sub-contractor and auditors.

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