Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL) is a magnetic method of Non-Destructive Testing that is used to detect Corrosion, Pitting and Wall Loss in Storage Tank Floors.

The method uses permanent or electromagnets to magnetize the tank floor and the resulting magnetic field changes are recorded and analysed. if there is corrosion, pitting or wall loss, the magnetic field ‘leaks and the ‘leakage’ is analysed to determine the location and severity of the defect of the tank floor – both near and far surface. a map of the corroded areas is provided with the MFL method, and this essential data can be stored for future reference and planning.

More reliable results as MFL covers the entire area of tank bottom not only random readings as conventional methods which increases the possibility of detection of anomalies and facilitate the remaining life assessment RLA.

Saving time and cost due to the high inspection rate.

Comprehensive reporting with statistical data, color mapping, along with recommendations according to the applicable codes and standards.

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