Long Range Ultrasonic Testing (LRUT) is an advanced non-destructive examination technique that was developed for testing large volumes of material from a single test point. 

It’s the uniform spacing of the ultrasonic transducers around the circumference of the pipe allows for the guided waves to propagate symmetrically along the pipe axis, providing complete, 100% coverage of the pipe wall, including areas such as at clamps and sleeved or buried pipes.


More than 100 times faster than traditional ultrasonic methods.

Can inspect Buried Pipelines and limited access pipelines from 2 inch to 48-inch diameter.

Easy to screen wall penetrating pipelines (both built-in and sleeved penetrations).

Not required remove insulation or coating.

Long distance inspection coverage up to 10-125 meter.

Saves time since there is no need to remove insulation, apart from 1 meter for the transducer ring.


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