Fabrication Repair And Maintenance

Even Though all top-quality products and pieces of equipment are built in a robust and durable manner, they still require frequent fabrication repair and maintenance to stay in pristine condition and to prevent serious accidents. The regular maintenance preserves the value of the equipment, extends its longevity of the product, and keeps operators safe.

Our fabrication machinery maintenance involves troubleshooting your equipment, wear and tear, anticipating any mechanical changes and taking corrective actions to ascertain reliability and performance.

We create a plan and schedule a maintenance for preventing, predictive and for restorative maintenance. Our high class fabrication repair and maintenance service extends the life of your equipment, minimizes unscheduled downtime, and saves you hundreds of dollars you would’ve spent in repairs or replacements.


How our Fabrication Repair And Maintenance Services

Help your Business

At SG engineering and inspection private limited company, We fabricate, maintain or repair almost anything and everything. 


It extends equipment lifespan

Prevent unplanned downtime

Avoid the need for expensive repairs due to negligence

Reduce energy consumption and operating cost

Increase the resale value of the equipment

Reduce injuries and fatalities

Our Fabrication Repair and Maintenance Services

Steel Structural Platforms Structure Skid
Piping Fabrication.

Complete welding method .

(GTAW/SMAW/ GMAW/FCAW /Inconel/ satellite etc.)

Weld Cladding Weld Buttering
Steel Structural Piping Alteration
Piping Installation Storage tank fire water sprinkler
 Fire Water Line Maintenance Post/Pre weld heat treatment

Sectors where we offer our Fabrication Repair

And Maintenance  Services

We offer the best repair and maintenance services in Singapore that can repair and refurbish equipment in nearly any industry with experienced technicians.

Some of the diverse industries we serve include:




Oil and gas



Water Treatment

We offer fabrication services in Singapore to companies of all sizes and all ranges of equipment. At SG engineering and inspection private limited company have a track record for delivering superior outcomes.


Methods on Cards

  1. MPI / PT
  2. UT/UTG
  3. Radiography Testing – RT
  4. PAUT
  5. Holiday Test
  6. Hardness Test
  7. PMI
  8. (NDT) Auditing Services 
  9.  Level 2 and 3 Technical and Consulting Services 

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