Engineering Services 

World class Enterprises need resilient networks, digitally connected workforce, and smart connected products, to reorient their production to be more local and enable faster launch of new offerings. So apparently this requires massive engineering interventions in various scenarios such as product design, software defined networking, robotics, IoT and containerization. 

Our Engineering Services is strategically positioned to respond to real-time customer needs and build technology offerings that are highly competitive while focusing on continuous cost improvements.

We are specialized in providing high quality engineering services for various industries catering to certain key and challenging engineering design services. We follow the best engineering practices and internationally formulated standards and by adhering to international Society Codes for Design, Detail engineering and validation. 

Our Engineering services provide a broad range of mechanical services, including Metallurgy Inspection, structural Steel Detailing, Plant engineering design service, Rebar & precast detailing, and Building Information Modelling (BIM).


How our Engineering Services

Help your business

Most of the engineering enterprises undergo urging pressure to minimize their operating costs while simultaneously increasing their revenue and scope of business. So our engineering services can help you achieve all of the goals.


A marked reduction in overhead costs

Faster turnaround time

Access to the best technology

Increase in customer satisfaction

Services on an as-need basis

Our Engineering Services

 Building Information Modelling (BIM) Structural Steel Detailing
Rebar & precast detailing Plant engineering design service
Metallurgy Inspection

Sectors where we offer our

Engineering Services

Electrical Industry

Structural Engineering

Building Utility Systems

Manufacturing Industry

Power and energy companies



Methods on Cards

  1. MPI / PT
  2. UT/UTG
  3. Radiography Testing – RT
  4. PAUT
  5. Holiday Test
  6. Hardness Test
  7. PMI
  8. (NDT) Auditing Services 
  9.  Level 2 and 3 Technical and Consulting Services 

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