Direct Radiography Testing (DRT) is a type of imaging using X-rays or Gamma rays. This method uses numeric radiation sensors instead of traditional photo film. The DR technology is completely portable and can be used in almost any environment.

DRT is mainly used for qualitative inspection of forged parts, castings, welds and to validate the integrity of piping (corrosion and erosion).

Digital radiography is used in all industry sectors and, in particular, for assessing piping, pressure vessels and valves. The technique can detect discontinuities in a range of materials including aluminium, steel, plastics, and composites.


Corrosion, Pitting in Insulated Piping

Accurate Measurement of Pipe wall Thickness

Small Bore Connections (SBC)

Pipe Deposit Finding and Measurements

Process Pipelines Corrosion Findings

No need to remove insulations



High quality numeric image in a few seconds for on-the-spot analysis.

Precise dimensioning, better image quality, more efficient analysis thanks to software tools.

No chemicals required.

Electronic data storage.

The customer does not need specialized equipment or software to visualize data.

All information can be acquired from a single position, even with complex geometries.

Weaker X-rays or Gamma rays for a smaller safety perimeter.

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