Our In-service Inspection Department NDT level-III, and API Inspectors have been pioneer for this industry, more than 20 years experienced, well versed technical knowledge, an excellent reputation for solving complex tasks. 

SG understands the customer needs as per codes and standards without delaying schedules, delivering a high-quality service, reliability, flexibility, and speed of response are key driving factors for our NDT Services. 

Our Conventional NDT Service are

Radiography Testing

Radiographic inspections can be performed using either X-Ray or Gamma ray radiation. 

Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Inspection, is a non-destructive technique used to detect surface.

Visual Testing

Visual Inspection relies upon the detection of surface imperfections using the eye or remotely.

Ferrite Testing

Ferrite test is accurate way to measure delta ferrite content in austenitic and duplex stainless steel.

Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing (UT) is a non-destructive inspection method that uses high frequency sound waves

Penetrant Testing

Liquid penetrant Examination , and dye penetrant testing , is a non-destructive examination method.

Hardness Testing

Hardness is a characteristic of a solid material expressing its resistance to permanent deformation, penetration.

Holiday Testing

Holiday testing or Continuity test is a non-destructive test method applied on protective coatings.

Ultrasonic Thickness

Ultrasonic Testing Gauge (UTG) used to inspect the thickness of a coating and uncoated materials.

Eddycurrent Testing

In Eddy Current Testing is placed close to the specimen surface, or around the specimen.

Material Identification

PMI can determine the alloy composition of materials and is a well-established technique.

Vacuum Box Testing

Vacuum Box Testing is a test method that is used to detect leaks , It is a practical way of testing.

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