Computer Radiography (CR) is an indirect image capture method that uses Storage Phosphor Imaging Plates (IP) instead of conventional film. After image capture the reusable IP is processed through a scanner which reads and digitizes the analog X-Ray signal for interpretation in the viewing software. All materials that could be inspected using standard film based radiographic techniques can be inspected using CR.

Computed radiography NDT can minimize downtime and increase production, while providing higher sensitivity and better overall definition to identify and evaluate indications.


Corrosion, Pitting in Insulated Pipelines

Process Pipelines Corrosion Findings

No need to remove insulations

Weld Inspection for Quick Review Profile Radiography for Corrosion Findings




Can be used where portable dark rooms cannot be installed.

Precise sizing, improved imaging, and faster analysis with the help of software tools.

Faster and more cost-efficient than conventional radiography.

No chemicals required.

Electronic data storage.

All information can be acquired from a single position, even with complex geometries.

Weaker X-rays or Gamma rays for a smaller safety perimeter.

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